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Desta Ethiopian Restaurant

Dallas, TX Delicious Ethiopian Food

Mahdere Gebreselassie

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There is the saying that the people who give you their food give you their heart. At Desta Ethiopian Restaurant, we live out these words every day by opening our kitchen and our hearts and sharing our traditional recipes with the community as our founders intended. By providing Doro Wot, Sambusa, Tibs, Kitfo and other authentic dishes with ingredients directly from Ethiopia, the most heavenly Injera, rich espresso, and a warm, welcoming environment to all that sit at our table. Come join us for a meal and let us share our food and our hearts with you

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It is a best place to be. I miss the kitfo the kotcho, the tibs... Derek tibs waww! Good food and great service. Weyneshet best server. She respects people and her work. God bless.


Ethiopian food is hard to describe as there is no other food on the planet that is like it. It is an amazing blend of fine African spices that stimulate your senses like no other food I have ever tasted. The bread (Injera) it is served with is one of a kind and has an amazing taste of its own. I also recommend their traditional coffee and tea, as you may already know some of the finest coffee in the word is grown in southern Ethiopia. If you have not tried it you have missed out in a big way.

Fiseha Gezahegn

Perfect spice; however, not too hot for westerners! The injari bread comes seperately and isn't under the portions (which is helpful, if your dining mate is a germaphobe). I always order the veggie platter and that is plenty for two. Also, try their ridiculously-evil-good lemon cake! It is the perfect combination of rich, yet light. Wonderful staff and elegant modern atmosphere. Don't let the neighborhood fool you, it's safe to eat here at night and they are open late. Highly recommend!



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